The government of the Bahamas has a huge multi-level communications challenge for years to come.  The first is maintaining a spotlight on the destruction of Hurricane Dorian.  The second is to lure tourists back to the islands with their money that is an essential part of the country’s budget.  The two challenges are contradictory. Tourists don’t want to go to a place where the basic necessities of life have been obliterated.  So while it pleas for funds to rebuild, it also needs to show the world that some things have returned to normal.  It will be some time yet before it can reach this stage.  Airports must be repaired, beaches cleaned, hotels reopened, some shopping re-established.  It must communicate progress in repairing infrastructure while highlighting the distance it needs to go in order to get aid from other governments.  It’s a ticklish task and not for the fainthearted.  It will require endurance and persistence, and it will test the government’s effectiveness in helping its people.

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