A recent poll revealed that a large percentage of Americans believe conspiracy theories and misinformation.  They cling to stories that support their world views and not the facts.  If there was ever a time for proper public relations, this is it.  The first rule of PR is accuracy, respect for the hard-edged realities of life.  Contrary to popular belief, PR is not spin.  It is persuasion based on facts and not fiction.  Now is a time for practitioners to combat ignorance and willed disbelief.  There is no gain for a country riven by falsehoods.  Spinmeisters who claim to be PR professionals should be ostracized.  Let them say what they want but not in the ranks of PR practitioners.  The task is great enough without truth-twisters within.  A New Year’s resolution should be to start the long, slow process of guiding ill-informed citizens back to reality.  It will take years of effort but there needs to be a start now that Trump, a font of falsehoods, is leaving office.  

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