The Bugatti Chiron has just smashed the 300 mph barrier.  The engineers who built the prototype have something to boast about but the project was absurd.  Not even Formula One racers go that fast.  The company can claim that its multi-million dollar vehicle is a true sports car, but who can afford one except those with the deepest of pockets?  The speed is dangerous in every way.  The front of the auto could lift off the ground with the force of the air passing under it.  Even the slightest bump could make the vehicle airborne. Tires would wear quickly.  A crash at that speed would be fatal.  Still, the video of the record-breaking run is compelling viewing.  So, they reaped the publicity they were after but it’s like competitive hot dog eaters at Nathans on Coney Island.  We marvel at what they ingest, but we would never do it ourselves.

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