The New York Post, a stalwart supporter of President Trump, has publicly called for him to acknowledge his loss and to move forward.  It’s practical advice and worth listening to.  The unknown is whether Trump will take it.  The President has isolated himself from the public and Congress and spent his time scheming for ways to overturn the vote and electoral college.  Fanciful and treasonous solutions have been aired in the oval office and reported in the media.  They portray a man desperate to avoid the moniker of loser.  He has forsaken his public role as leader and created unnecessary turmoil in DC and the rest of the country.  His vaunted role as a communicator has fallen and he risks losing supporters who stayed with him after his loss in November.  Why would someone go that far in risking his legacy?  One might assign insanity to the situation.  But, dictators have done the same things to maintain their grip on power time and again.  Trump wants to be a dictator, but our democratic system won’t let him do it — not yet, anyway.  

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