The news that President Trump has hired a new campaign manager is arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.  His ship is sinking and it needs to plug the hole filling compartments.  Instead, Trump’s attention is on externals.  The problem with Trump’s desire for a second term is Trump himself.  He has been inconsistent, obdurate, fallacious and bullying.  His lack of managerial and political skills are now obvious to the majority of voters.  Trump has concentrated on his base of disaffected conservatives and rallied them with provocative statements.  The problem is that he has lost independents whom he needs in large numbers to win in November.  It is true that the now-former campaign leader made some egregious gaffes, but that doesn’t help Trump who hired him in the first place.  Right now, it is looking like the Trump administration will sink in deep waters of the American electorate, but it is right to be cautious.  Few thought he would win in 2016. 

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