Voters don’t like austerity and they’ve said so in the French and Greek elections.  No matter that they are threatening the Euro, monetary union and common market.  What they are saying is, “What has the Euro-zone done for me lately?”  The answer is not much.  Voting is the purest form of public relations.  The public is telling government what it wants and as importantly, what it doesn’t want.  French and Greek voters want jobs: They don’t want to repay the huge debts that they owe.  Or, at least they don’t want to repay them now.  Maybe later when the economy is back to health.  The irony is that their countries may not get back to health without cutting back on government-subsidized labor.  Greece especially has little industry that can help it bootstrap out of its predicament.  But, the public has spoken.  It is up to new leadership to find avenues to make the countries work.  No one said that democracy is easy.

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