The seemingly bad news that two COVID vaccine trials have been put on hold is actually good news, or so say medical experts who do drug development.  They say no trial runs completely smoothly.  There is always a glitch that might be due to a new drug and might not, but a pharma company needs to investigate it before continuing a test.  Another good sign is that corporations are apparently not being influenced by political considerations.  The unfortunate outcome for politicians is that a vaccine will not be ready before election day and a general availability of the medication is months, if not years, away.   Pressure on big pharma is intense.  The public wants a cure or preventative NOW, and they want it to be safe.  However, there is distrust in the current political environment that a vaccine will be rushed and its downsides overlooked.  Stopping the trials temporarily assuages concern and provides greater credibility to the potency of any new drug.  

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