Elon Musk has reopened his Tesla car factory in violation of a shutdown order from the California county in which he is operating.  Musk has said if anyone is to be arrested, it should be him.  His workers are upset and angry that he is risking their health by restarting the assembly lines.  Musk has long believed that he knows better.  In a sense, he sees himself above the law.  If he can get away with this, he can challenge nearly anything.  At this hour, it is unclear what the county will do to address Musk’s intransigence, but it is poor PR for him and his company.  It is understandable that Musk is moving forward.  He is losing millions a day with his factory shut down.  He cannot afford not to work.  But, that written, he shouldn’t be allowed to set rules unilaterally.  It is a message with an affront.

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