The day after Republicans swept Democrats from the House there are claims that the newly elected have heard the voters.  Maybe so, but what they have heard appears to be a wide variety of complaints including the need for jobs, less government, more government help, lower taxes, less regulation and more.  In other words, the new officeholders have interpreted what they have heard in a number of ways and the result is cacophony.  It won’t result in good governance unless there are priorities put on the list of voters’ wishes.  There is the problem.  A new Congressman has to learn to get along and go along in order to get anything done, and the newly elected don’t appear to understand that yet.  The new Republican Speaker of the House has his work cut out for him with just his own party.  We preach listening in PR, but we don’t discuss priorities as much.  The new Congress is an exemplar for why we should.

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