A house divided against itself cannot stand.  This saying describes the PR disaster engulfing the Republican Party, which is repudiating its standard bearer for his comments on women.  With less than a month to go, the party has fractured in the worst way and support for Trump is a litmus test for decency or lack of it.  It is a sad situation for the party, but Democrats are thrilled.  They have a chance of gaining both houses of Congress and the White House at the same time.  If so, pent-up legislation will sweep through the Federal government quickly and the President will have a chance of appointing several Supreme Court justices over the next four to eight years.  An era of divided government will come to an end.  Republicans have little time left to consolidate their position without Trump, but they will have years to dig through the wreckage and ask themselves how to prevent such a disaster again.  Meanwhile, Trump will return to his status as a businessman, perhaps no worse off than when he left it.  His reputation will be in tatters, but that may not extend to his dealmaking.

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