Corona Beer has a PR problem.  It is being confused with the coronavirus sweeping China and filtering into the rest of the world.  There is even a search term “corona beer virus” rising in Google.  The company has said it is confident its customers will not link the disease with the drink, but one can never aver that for sure.  Customers have gone wrong many times in the past and caused angst in corporate quarters.  For example, there was the infamous linkage of the P&G man-in-the-moon logo with devil worship.  On the surface, it is a hilarious instance of consumer ignorance or lack of close attention.  Under the surface, Corona has to watch sales closely while the virus rages.  If they begin to fall, it will need to act.  So far, that apparently hasn’t been the case.  Speaking out now might draw attention to the confusion, which might resolve itself in good time.  Still…

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