A mother loses her infant son to flu.  Then, she starts to get messages that accuse her of murdering him, that say her son never existed, that charge she is a terrible mother.  This is a communications campaign waged by anti-vaxers who believe militantly that vaccinations are harmful.  Their messages are cruel and evil.  There is too much science behind vaccinations to lend credence to those who condemn them.  Yet, they persist, and some of these misguided believers are well educated individuals.  They have let fears distort their perception, and they attack whenever presented with evidence to the contrary of what they hold true.  There is a massive publicity campaign and PR effort to get children vaccinated, but anti-vaxers are fighting both.  There is no reason to accommodate them any longer and authorities are taking punitive action.  Well they should, especially when anti-vaxers attack grieving mothers.

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