When a company’s reputation is imperiled by false stories, it might have no alternative but to file suit for defamation.  Legal redress might not clear its name completely in public opinion but it is a point of fact on which to place its claims.  That is why Dominion Voting Systems has levelled a $1.6 billion tort against Fox News for claiming Dominion’s machines had rigged the 2020 election.  Fox’s anchors had amplified the false story and, in Dominion’s claim, made a business decision to continue because it boosted ratings.  It would seem this is an open-and-shut case since abundant investigation showed no vote rigging, but Dominion has a tall order to prove Fox made managerial decisions to stick with the lie.  This will play out over months, if not years, and should Fox lose, it will be a significant blow to its bottom line.  That would be as it should.  No company deserves public lying about its products without retribution.

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