CNN fact-checked the first night of the Republican Convention and reported there was more dishonesty than in all four nights of the Democratic Convention.  Does anyone care?  Those opposed to Trump will nod their heads in agreement.  Those favoring him will say it is fake news.  One would hope it would have an impact on reputation and public relations but citizens are so used to politicians lying that they seem to take misstatements in stride.  It would be good for democracy if voters took into account the claims of their leaders, but it is not reality.  Instead, they look at their own circumstances and evaluate statements on how it affects them.  “If it doesn’t hurt my pocketbook, why should I care?”   There is mistrust of politicians for promising more than they can deliver, and voters act when a President, Senator or Congressman don’t produce what citizens want, but that is narrow interest and legislators balance tens of thousands of competing needs.  Some win, most lose, and voters are left with asking, “What have you done for me lately?”

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