Nothing is worse from a publicity perspective than a negative story that keeps expanding drip by drip.  Just when one thinks he has gotten ahead of the news curve, another story appears that adds new, damning facts and reignites the media.  This is the position that the President is in with the claims of Russian meddling with the elections. His son has now admitted to meeting with a Russian lawyer during the campaign.  Trump is now faced with distancing himself from his own flesh and blood, and his spokesperson has already stated that he didn’t know what his son was doing.  Critics, and there are many of them, won’t be satisfied.  There will be a new round of “What did Trump know and when did he know it?”   The closer it gets to the oval office, the more damning it will be.  It is too early to say that we’re in a Nixon scenario, but Trump needs to be careful going forward.

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