This is an empty threat unless the United Nations is prepared to back it with force.  North Korea is resistant to assaults on its action and reputation.  It is proof, as if any were needed, that some people and organizations exist outside the morality and ethics of nations.  There is no control on them except to destroy them.  Since there is no collective will to do so, their people suffer.  It does no good to ask how this can be in our day and age.  It does, and it will.  The world has abandoned North Koreans to their fate and a report from the UN is just a publicity document.  It is meant for the rest of the world.  (The North Koreans have already laughed it off.)  But the rest of the world doesn’t want to listen — not yet anyway.  So the current regime may endure decades more and the regime after that?  Who knows?  At some point, the country will collapse but millions will live and die without freedom before it does.  

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