Developers have abandoned their long-sought $8 billion Atlantic Coast pipeline in a victory for environmentalists and landowners along the route.  It is not often grass-roots organizing can claim such success and the result is sure to be controversial.  The lack of a new pipeline carrying methane gas to the Eastern Seabord might jeopardize business and homeowners in years to come.  There is no clean answer to such a situation, no defined right and wrong.  It is a clash of opinion and perception with facts on both sides.  Ultimately, the one who can tie up the other in court will win through delay and mounting expense.  The developers could have slogged on and drained the accounts of environmental groups in a scorched earth tactic, but they chose not to.  Instead, they looked at their own outlays and decided enough was enough.  So, it is one more victory for those guarding land, waters, flora and fauna.  Only time will tell if they are right.  

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