is putting live video of its technicians on screen for users of its Kindle Fire HDX.  This is a great PR idea if…  if it works.  The hardware part of the challenge is simple.  The people part of the equation is where Amazon’s challenge lies.  How long will a frustrated user have to wait before an image of a tech-support person appears?  Will the tech person know my problem and be able to help me?  Will I get routed from one tech to another before my problem is solved?  Will the tech speak clearly in English or will he/she talk in heavily accented Asiatic lingo?  The promise of live video support is groundbreaking, but more can go wrong than right and that can turn into a PR nightmare.  Amazon is a customer-oriented company so if any retailer can pull this off, it can.  That doesn’t mean it will.  Amazon won’t know its problems until it goes live with the Fire HDX and the first calls come in.  One hopes the firm has in-depth contingency plans for handling high traffic.

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