In a recent Google+ Hangout** Guy Kawasaki offered up some new perspectives on a number of topics. Here’s a quick recap.

Disenchanted with Apple?
It’s no surprise Apple was on Guy’s list of brands living the principles of enchantment — being likeable, trustworthy and with quality products. But he also noted Apple lived these principles “up until six weeks ago.” Clearly Guy’s one of a growing number of critics wondering if it’s the beginning of the end for Apple.

Will History Repeat for Google+?
It was also no surprise to hear Guy go long on Google+, but it was very interesting to consider a comparison he made to another underdog platform.

“Google+ makes me better. And the response it’s getting reminds me of when the first Mac computers came out. Compared to Microsoft’s operating platform, the Mac was better. It was also used by fewer people. Window’s operating platform had so much market share, and Mac’s were so different, everyone said the products would fail. And while everyone compares its user base to Facebook, don’t forget Google’s true size. It’s integrating Google+ with its other products. It’s one of several reasons Google+ isn’t going anywhere.”

Can Facebook Edgerank & Opt-In Mix?
Guy’s take on Edgerank does a great job of summing up an issue thought leaders like Chris Pirillo, and some brands, are having with Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm.

“I have 276,000 people subscribing to my updates on Facebook. By subscribing, they’ve personally opted in to receive my information in their newsfeeds. Facebook is letting math decide which 15 percent of my subscribers receive my posts. The only obvious option Facebook gives me is to promote my posts. It doesn’t make sense.”

Edgerank has come under fire lately as an unfair approach to monetization — despite research showing how many users see an average post. In my opinion, applying a broadcast strategy like opt-in to an engagement platform like Facebook is not always a direct correlation.

**HYPE’s Bold Fusion 2012
The hangout focused onGuy’s upcoming presentation at the upcoming Bold Fusion 2012 event. The hangout and the event are organized by the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. I’m one of several bloggers getting free access to the event which will focus on how the art of enchantment can lead to big impact for attendees, their company and their community. Guy is presenting on his book Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds & Actions. I’m looking forward to attending #boldfusion.

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