It’s embarrassing and a PR faux pas for a cybersecurity firm to be hacked and its software tools stolen.  Yet, that is the nature of the internet.  No one is safe, not even experts.  One can engage in prophylactic habits and still be done in by an invader.  There is no way to be absolutely protected other than avoiding the internet altogether.  There are no good ways to do that in the present age.  One can go off-grid but then one will miss a good part of the world’s information and connections.  Sophisticated cyber-criminals remain one step ahead of the internet police most of the time.  There are lower-level “petty thieves” who use stock products, and they can be walled out as long as their malware is understood.  The knowledgeable ones are a danger to society.  It is small consolation that these criminals usually target governments and large organizations.  Their tools are adopted soon enough by imitators while the skilled find new doors into protected systems.  Being hacked is a cost of communications and a burden on society.

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