This story about the private conglomerate, Koch Industries, is hard-hitting and potentially devastating to the company’s reputation.  Note that the Koch brothers used their director of corporate communications as cover.  The article spotlights a fact of the internet age.  It is almost impossible for even private companies to remain so.  There is too much information available in court documents, witness testimony and other sources that can be collected and distilled.  

The Koch brothers haven’t been hidden in their political activities.  They are well known financiers of conservative causes, and for that, opposition activists have been determined to smoke them out.  If the brothers want to retreat to greater privacy, they will need to disguise what they are doing in a better fashion, but even that will be difficult to achieve.  The government is gunning for them as well.  Charles Koch has written of the importance of reputation and the need to guard it.  Stories like this blow holes in a company’s image that are hard to patch.

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