BP’s new CEO has taken after the media and the company’s competitors for overblowing the leak in the Gulf of Mexico.  While the CEO might be accurate in his statements, he is hardly credible.  BP’s reputation is in tatters and attempts to blame others smack of self-interest.  BP’s best tactic is to keep such thoughts to itself and to work to restore its reputation.  That the CEO has spoken out is not a good sign, and BP’s internal audiences may take the cue that the spill wasn’t so bad after all.  That is exactly the position the CEO should want to avoid.  BP needs to concentrate on safety in its operations.  It can’t afford another disaster, such as a refinery blowout or deep well leak.  Authorities will step in a put the company out of business if that happens.  So, it is disappointing that the CEO said what he did.  It was poor PR.

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