This is a good example of conflicting witness reports.  Who do you believe?  It’s important because one view is that of homicide.  The second view is that of self-defense.  That eyewitness testimony is suspect is also a part of this case.  Maybe one or the other or both are stretching the truth or unclear in what they saw and are filling in mental lacunae.  That doesn’t mean they are lying.  The brain does funny things when encountering sudden and threatening events.  It doesn’t act as an impartial observer and it is hampered by the perspective the witness has — whether close or further apart or at an angle.  The case will most likely be made for or against on the forensic evidence, which is extensive and alarming.  The officer hit the victim with six shots.  What is needed to bring a suspect down?   I feel sorry for the jurors who will take this case.  They will be under pressure of public expectations to convict the officer, and maybe they should — or maybe not.  The courtroom is where this incident must be decided and not in the public arena language and agitation muddy opinion.

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