One lesson PR practitioners learn early is that the world can be indifferent — or cruel.  Celebrities come and go or are exposed in shameful and shameless ways.  As the cliche goes, fame is fleeting.  That is the schooling the former substitute quarterback for the New York Jets is pondering this morning.  Tim Tebow was a college standout, winner of the Heisman trophy and fan favorite.  Unfortunately, the coaches of the Jets never knew how or never wanted to use him.  His talents did not fit the struggling team.  So, he sat and yesterday, he was replaced.  He hasn’t got a club to go to.  He is, for the moment, one more college athlete who didn’t make it in the pros.  The attention of the world will move to other things and people, and he may have to find another way to make a living.  Tebow’s experience is a reminder to athletes how short-lived their careers may be and how quickly they can be forgotten.  One would think they would learn humility but many don’t.  The lesson is lost.

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