On rare occasions, a company has a chance to take a high risk with the prospect of a high reward.  This is one.  No one yet has found traces of the Malaysian airliner that vanished in March 2014.  Theories abound.  Ships crisscrossed thousands of square miles of open ocean looking for wreckage.  So far, they have come up with nothing.  Ocean Infinity, a Houston company, is betting that its eight unmanned submarines can find the elusive pieces of the plane.  It can gain up to $70 million if it discovers it and nothing if it doesn’t.  While the potential payout is enormous, the PR for its technologies would be greater.  The story would be, “This is the company that can do the impossible in ocean search.”  Even if it doesn’t uncover the plane, there is little risk of a downside.  After all, no one else has done it after lengthy searches.  Trying is respectable enough and positive PR for the company and its submersibles.  .  

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