This is a terrific publicity campaign, and complaints about it are even better.  In fact, the protests are hilarious from fanboys who “know” how Superman shaves.  That they are aggrieved is only better publicity.  Kudos to Gillette for coming up with the promotion.  It would be good to say a PR firm was behind it but there wasn’t one.  It came from an advertising agency.  Or, to put it another way, can ad agencies do better publicity than PR firms?  The answer here is yes.  PR firms do not have a monopoly on unpaid media and with the trend toward social media, ad agencies will move even more deeply into the space.  If there is one advantage ad agencies have, it is the ability to think big.  PR firms historically have been budget-constrained, and great ideas have been set aside because “they cost too much.”  This campaign doesn’t look as if it was big budget.  What sets it apart is imagination. One hopes the movie is half as good as the publicity for it.

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