Since PR is what you do, this is an historic example of it.  SpaceX completed safely the first commercial flight of astronauts to the space station and to a splashdown off the Florida coast.  SpaceX can now say with authority it is in the manned space business, and it will undertake operations on behalf of NASA into the future.  Many things could have gone wrong in the fiery travel back to earth.  None did.  Reentry was by the book except for an audience of small civilian craft gathered at the splashdown site.  The astronauts were comfortable throughout and all smiles when they exited the hatch.  Elon Musk, the owner of SpaceX, could breathe again, which he had trouble doing throughout the operation.  He of all people was intensely aware of why might go bad.  Musk is a high-profile entrepreneur and he has plenty to boast about now.  No one can begrudge him that.

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