How do you handle a seemingly unending crisis?  This is the problem BP is facing as it tries to stop the leaks from its well in the Gulf of Mexico.  From what I can tell, BP did most things right when it realized it had a crisis.  It communicated openly and frequently.  It did not hide from the news media.  It requested help from anyone who could bring knowledge to bear on shutting down the spewing well and protecting the coastline.  Yet, the well continues to gush thousands of barrels of crude a day into the sea.  There is no simple fix for the problems the company is facing.  Leaking might go on for weeks.  Meanwhile, its reputation is taking a beating day after day, hour after hour.  There is little the company can do except to forge ahead and try to find ways to shut the well down.   How would you lilke to be a PR spokesperson for BP now?

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