Mobile games are a marketplace of one-hit successes followed by little to nothing.  How do you do PR for a company or the industry at large?  PR and publicity resting on a one-hit wonder is a foundation of sand on the edge of an ocean.  Once the public tires of the game, there isn’t a bulwark left to protect the company, and it subsides into mediocrity or goes out of business.  Strategically, a company should fear too much success with a game because that means it needs to strip the rest of the business of talent to support the hit.  When the public moves away, there is little time to reassign engineers and developers to other products. Hence, layoffs and shrinkage.  The computer games industry in general has had hard times surviving and it doesn’t look as if this will change much in years to come.  The public is fickle and when it comes to games, it is especially uncommitted to any company or title.  

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