Today is the first day of working from home with no end in sight — not yet anyway.  Dozens of new cases of COVID-19 have been reported and schools, restaurants, theaters and other places where crowds gather have been shut down.  Major cities have seen their central districts abandoned.  People are afraid.  As one medical authority said, now is the time for straight, factual communications to the nation that explains what is happening and steps being taken to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.  This is to counteract rumors, misinformation and outright lies spreading from mouth-to-mouth and on social media.  It is also necessary to stop panic buying of food, paper products and sanitizers.  Especially for those now working at improvised desks in apartments and houses, it is needed to know when it is safe to return to work.  We will learn during this time the practicality of mass telecommuting and whether it works as well as being in an office.  It’s a difficult time to experiment, but there isn’t much choice.

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