Saying one thing and doing another is poor PR and hypocrisy.  Many companies suffer from it, and high tech is now being called to task.  Silicon Valley has been male-dominated and overwhelmingly white.  Tech entrepreneurs think of themselves as diverse and equitable, but too often they are not.  It never occurs to them that dissident employees might have a point.  They get rid of malcontents for insufficient loyalty, and force remaining workers to drink the Kool-Aid.  All the while they dangle the carrot of riches for those who slave in their systems and endure the whims of founders.  This goes back to the beginning of the PC era, well before the rise of the internet.  Yet, the media fawned over tech CEOS until recently as cracks begin to show.  Now, as reporters follow up negative stories, tech entrepreneurs need better HR practices.  If they can’t do it voluntarily, lawsuits will help.

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