When a person’s beliefs get in the way of serving the public, the beliefs can turn evil.  Here is a case.  It echoes what Cambodian communists did to that country, what Stalin did to millions of Ukrainians and Mao to millions of Chinese.   In each case, leadership was convinced it knew better than the people, and in the end, they starved and murdered millions.  How can such monsters exist?  They do and will continue to do so.  They are individuals so in love with their ideas that people are simply pegs to be moved about in order to achieve goals.  Should these pegs be broken, they are thrown out without the least thought or disturbance of conscience.  The only way to stop such ideologues is to take power from them, always difficult to do because power is what they live for.  Kim Jong Il was simply the latest in a long line of tyrants.  One would hope his son is better but there are rumors he is actually worse.  How long will the North Koreans tolerate such people?

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