The media in the New Jersey and New York have been waiting for New Jersey’s governor, Chris Christie, to make a mistake.  They now have it — and it was a doozy.  Christie has a confrontational style of governing.  He will call you an “idiot.”  He will tell you to shut up. He will and has often bulldozed reporters who ask him questions.  Now he is the focus of questioning over lane closures on the busiest bridge in the world.  It became clear — and he admits — that it was a punishment for a mayor who failed to support his re-election to governor.  The PR disaster is particularly stinging because he had just overpowered his Democratic opponent for the office.  What does he do now?  Gleeful reporters are writing that his presidential ambitions are dead.  They might be.  One thing he could do is to soften his tone and treat people more respectfully.  He has a lot to learn in a year or so.  It will be interesting to see if he does.

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