Nothing can bollix a marketing program more quickly than indecision.  One starts, stops, redirects, starts again, gets lost in a sea of choices, flails again, renames, relaunches and on and on.  This is a perfect example of a company that can’t make up its mind.  Google has renamed, relaunched, pulled back and started again and again with its messaging services.  And, it appears that it is still not done fiddling with it.  Meanwhile, competitors have streaked ahead and left the company in their dust.  At this point, Google would be better off if it just gave up as it has done with other software products that never took off.  Google’s challenge is internal more than external.  It can’t get its messaging teams on the same page with the same functionality. The task now is for Google’s CEO to crack the whip and clarify what the company is trying to do.  Google might never compete forcefully at this late date, but it could still be a factor.

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