More people are getting news on iPads and Kindles.  That should be good for the news industry but it is too soon to tell.  One reason is that the public has been conditioned to get news for free online.  That is the result of sites like Google News.  For the PR practitioner, increased use of tablets is a good sign.  Potentially it increases outlets and reduces the time to reach the public.  However, if the news industry is unable to adjust quickly enough, it could mean that total news is reduced to key players such as wire services and a few national newspapers like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.  That would be the worst of all outcomes.  There has been at least one prediction that most newspapers will disappear in the US in the next five years.  It certainly looks that way given the permanent decline in revenue throughout the industry.  The question is whether these publishing entities can find a new life on a tablet.  They don’t have much time to find out.

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