It is fun to pick on Donald Trump because he is everything PR shouldn’t be.  His belief that the world starts with him is symptomatic of a towering ego.  His explanation for the failure of Atlantic City casinos because he stopped investing in them is funny.  There were, according to the Donald, no problems until he left town  One wonders how Trump survives, and one explanation is that he is a court jester of business — an ignorant fool who provides the public with a laugh at his own expense.  The worse outcome for him is to be ignored.   Trump understands this and is a master of self-indulgent publicity.  He has long played the media, which can’t seem to tear itself from his ludicrous statements.  He is a quote-generation machine, a loud-mouth who pushes himself into one situation after another and claims that if HE were allowed to operate, everything would have worked out.  Time will eventually catch up with him, and he will fall from favor, but meanwhile the public suffers his proclamations.

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