The mobile payments provider, Square, is learning a lesson that too many companies have had to absorb in the internet age.  It only takes just one unhappy customer to create a crisis.  In this case, a small merchant has detailed date, time and place of his mistreatment at the hands of the company.  It is now the company’s turn to respond or ignore.  If Square is savvy, it has already called the fellow and apologized for the mixup.  This is not a new insight, but it bears repeating.  Today, power is in the hands of the consumer.  The cavalier treatment that many companies used to deliver to customers is no longer acceptable.  PR practitioners understand this.  Customer relations departments get it.  So, how do incidents like this keep happening?  It might be due to the inherent variability of customer service.  Someone always slips through the cracks.  But, it also might be that Square has not paid enough attention and now is paying the price of a complaint that is making its way around the internet.  

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