There are still months before full-throated campaigning begins for the Presidency.  That, however, hasn’t stopped sniping, which is coming early and often.  Consider this.  Joe Biden hasn’t officially declared he is running for the White House, and already he is being criticized for new-found wealth.  It is a PR challenge he has to meet sooner rather than later.  He has cashed in on his long political  career during which he was avowedly and actually middle class struggling to make ends meet.  Now he is wealthy from speaking tours and a best-selling book.  His likely opponents for the Democratic nomination are holding that against him.  Can he overcome the charge?  Only time will tell on the campaign trail, which is long, strenuous and exhausting.  It isn’t for the weak.  Reputations are torn down,  insinuations made, lies told.  Campaigners will use any trick or technique to win, dishonest or not.  Biden understands this, but can he survive it?  

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