I know how the media feel about PR practitioners who flood them with irrelevant pitches and releases.  Every day I get a dozen or so emails from PR newswire.  I use none of them.  There is one agency that importunes me to interview authors.  I don’t do book reviews or author sit-downs.  Just once, recently, a blogger contacted me about something I had written and suggested a page that makes sense for my blog.  It is here.   Practitioners have been warned ad nauseum to tailor their approaches, to read what the target has written, to make sure the reporter, even if he or she doesn’t do the story, still welcomes the information.  They know better yet they still spam.  I’ve concluded that it will never change.  It is easier to send 500 emails through a distribution service than 10 requiring work.  Practitioners take the easy way out and they give PR a bad name.

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