Here is a review of Tesla ownership from a person who has driven one for 227,000 miles and kept close records of costs. He notes the downsides of ownership but recommends the auto for its low fuel costs if not for its repair record.  This is long-term credibility Tesla needs as it takes its place among auto giants gunning for its market share of electrical vehicles.  Tesla is an extraordinary story among car manufacturers.  It singlehandedly took the moribund electrical market and refashioned it into a viable arena for transportation.  Other vehicle builders are now in a race to catch up, but Tesla has an advantage with tens of thousands of cars on the road and continuous feedback for how they are working.  Tesla has managed to fix things on the fly when its data streams indicate defects. It is not unusual for one to see a Tesla now.  They seem to be everywhere.  That alone is positive credibility for the company.

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