The media are having a field day pointing out inaccuracies, lies and distortions coming from the mouth of Donald Trump.  Here is yet another area in which he has bent the truth.  The man is addicted to debt and careful to arrange matters so he isn’t personally on the hook for it if his projects go belly-up.  Call it smart business or ethically challenged but neither shows much hope for tackling the US debt should he win the presidency.  Trump has given business a bad name.  The only saving grace is that he is so outrageous, business leaders oppose him along with most middle of the road citizens.  That he has won at all is the result of anger over the stagnant condition of the country.  People vote for him, dishonest as he is, because they detest real politicians who have been unable to help them.  They are tired of promises and want jobs that move them solidly into the middle class instead of its lower reaches and poverty.  But, there is no real good way to put Americans back to work.  The world is in a slump.  Even the paragon of growth — China — is struggling.  Workers blame trade agreements for their loss of jobs, but they would have lost them anyway as companies moved to parts of the world with lower cost labor.  There is no good answer for the stagnation, so Donald Trump can portray himself as a savior when he clearly isn’t and voters have bought his argument.

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