It is hard to prevent this when incidents like this occur.  The narrative of blacks being shot by police officers is deep and bitter for the African-American community.  Even when it is justified, the black community is suspicious and will rise in anger.  Who knows the exact circumstances in Charlotte?  Was the victim carrying a book or a gun?  The police maintain it was a weapon.  His family says it was a book that he was reading while waiting for a family member.  A full-scale investigation by a neutral third-party is in order.  Even then, it is unlikely to be accepted as the truth.  What is obvious is that police are using their guns too quickly in these confrontations. The pistol should be the last resort and not the first.  One can understand the fear that an officer feels when caught in a situation that could spin out of control, but they should be trained to control that emotion and to act more reasonably.  In fact, they are but the schooling might not have taken as it should.  Blue on black is a major PR crisis that needs swift resolution for the good of the country.

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