In a usual election year, this kind of negative PR would be enough to sink a candidate.  Not this year.  Hillary Clinton should thank the Republican party for putting up a candidate with more negatives than she has.  Although it is early, it is looking now like Clinton will sweep most of the states in her march to the White House.  Trump, although getting better, is so far behind that it would take a herculean effort to turn around his slide.  Add to that, his lack of organization.  Hillary has a campaign machine working behind her constantly.  Trump has a skeleton staff and he has barely advertised his candidacy.  Even though a judge has ordered the release of 18,000 new Clinton e-mails before the election, it doesn’t look like this would hurt her much.  The Republican Party’s collapse this election year is a case study of bad PR.  One can only hope that the party can revitalize itself before future elections.  

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