Much has been made of the decline of traditional media, but less has been said about the rise of new media.  Here is a case in which a novice reporter/editor found a need and filled it.  He chose a subject he knows well and is of interest to thousands — the Jersey Shore.  He fortuitously started blogging just before the first of two major hurricanes swept the sand kingdom.  He has been diligent in tracking down news and answering reader questions.  He is not getting rich off his efforts but he has gained a loyal audience that he is working hard to keep.  And, he is serving a niche that had never been covered adequately by traditional media.  The question is whether and how long he can keep up a 7-day a week pace and eventually whether he can monetize his work enough to give up his full-time job. New media like this can and do pop up overnight and can reach thousands of readers in a short time.  The PR practitioner can easily be frustrated trying to track them and to guess whether they will endure. They are legitimate outlets for news releases but only if one knows about them. It is back to the future.  Before today’s media databases, PR practitioners struggled with compiling media lists because there were few updated sources for them.  That difficulty has returned.

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