Sometimes there are no good answers to an event.  Whatever one says or does carries severe penalties.  There isn’t even a way to weigh the lesser of two evils.  This is one case.  Slovenia is building a border fence to bar migrants from the country.  Slovenia already has tens of thousands and is struggling to care for them.  With winter coming, the country feels helpless to handle thousands more.  If it had left its border open, it would have had a humanitarian crisis.  But, by closing its border, it is sparking a humanitarian crisis.  There is no good way to handle this situation.  Political principles fail.  Migrants are desperate, cold and ill-fed and they will be that way whether or not the fence had gone up.  The citizens of Slovenia cannot bear the responsibility of handling all the refugees.  The resources aren’t there.  Only time will tell what happens to the asylum seekers and chances are it won’t be good.  It is a tragedy.

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