What can be said about a company that is caught multiple times doing wrong yet persists?  It has no shame.  This is the situation with Huawei and its advertising of its cell phones.  Huawei persists in using DSLR images to hype the quality of its cell phone camera.  It’s as if the company doesn’t trust its own product.  The problem with that is that Huawei has been caught each time it has tried to trick the public.  One would think that if you can’t away with something the first time, you wouldn’t want to try it again.  Not so.  This leads one to wonder how the rest of the company operates.  Is it an amoral, win-at-all-costs organization?  If so, why would anyone want to deal with them?  If a company can’t be honest in little things, what can be said for its stance in the marketplace?  This, perhaps more than its affiliation with the Chinese government, might be what to worry about.  

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