Twitter’s CEO is looking for a job after failing to turn the social medium into a profitable communications service.  The wonder is why.  Twitter has hundreds of millions of users and visitors.  It is a darling of traditional media who tweet daily about what they are reporting and carry on discussions with readers.  It is used by celebrities, by politicians, by company executives, by marketers, by PR practitioners, by tens of millions of ordinary citizens.  Yet, it is struggling.  Could it be that the service has run its course and will disappear like so many other technologies that couldn’t keep up?  The internet as a disruptive medium can shatter its own offerings as much as traditional media.  It is Darwinian, high-speed evolution.  Only a few media will survive for the long-term — some traditional media that have successfully changed course, some social media that have adapted.  There is no guarantee for any medium that it will be successful and growing in 10 years, or even, five.  That means PR practitioners, marketers and other communicators should never show too much preference for one medium over another.  One never knows when it will disappear.

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