It is a sad time when both left- and right-wing politicians lie or get facts wrong.  We have a President for whom facts are malleable.  Now it seems we have a celebrity Congresswoman who fails to look things up before she speaks.  There is little to no excuse for errors when there are ample ways to check data, especially in the Internet age.  The first rule should be accuracy because anything else one says will be judged against it.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is young and outspoken in her beliefs.  She has set her peers in Congress on edge.  Her youth and visibility have made her a darling of the media, but she has much to learn about governing.  It won’t help her if she continues to misstate facts and make contentions that aren’t true. She should take a step back soon and concentrate on the work of her office.  Her reputation ultimately will come from what she gets done.  

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