The company that makes the ubiquitous Tiki Torch is embarrassed.  Without its knowledge, neo-nazi demonstrators in Charlottesville, VA used the flambeaus in their parade that ended in violence.  The company has publicly disavowed the alt-right groups but that doesn’t solve the problem of thousands of photos and dozens of videos showing the protestors carrying Tiki Torches.  There is not much to do in a case like this.  The torches meant for outdoor parties and fun have taken on an insidious new meaning.  Lamplight Farms, the owner of the Tiki Brand, has to hope that the alt-right will stop using its flambeaus in future parades, but there is no way to be certain of that.  There is a good chance that if they do use them, the brand will be killed by popular revulsion. “I don’t want that thing in my yard.”  It is a PR nightmare.  

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