The tally is out and the most deadly terror group in the world is not ISIS but West Africa’s Boko Haram.  Why then has the group not received the same news coverage and headlines as ISIS?  The answer appears to be that they are exploiting their own in Africa and not working outside of the continent to spread terror.  In other words, it is not our problem.  That’s sad because the people of Nigeria are suffering terribly from the group’s raids and indiscriminate murder.  Let Boko Haram attack in France, Spain or somewhere else in Europe and the headlines will be there plus the attention of the governments to wipe them out.  But, as long as they stay in West Africa, diplomats can express horror but armies remain idle.  The power of news media coverage is on Paris now, but it could have easily been on Nigeria.  We express sympathy for the citizens of Paris but do we think about Africans?

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